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Siddick Ponds

Siddick Ponds is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and one of Cumbria’s most important bird sites.

The combination of extensive reedbed and two large ponds – one freshwater, the other brackish (a mix of fresh and saltwater) – contributes to the variety of species using the site and is unique in Cumbria, attracting a distinctive community of birds throughout the year.

Children from Year 4, Ashfield Junior School created a fabulous website, all about Siddock Ponds and the wildlife that lives there, check it out here -


Access is free all year round. 

The best way to access the reserve is through the Dunmail Park (Asda) car park. Access to the car park is from the A596 between Workington and Siddick. Head for the old mineral railway embankment (now a cyclepath) to the right of Edgar’s car showrooms. 

Parking is free. 

Siddick Ponds also has a bird hide, which makes for a great viewing point.  The hide can be accessed on the Iggusund Paperboard site.

The Friends of Siddick Ponds

The friends group are instrumental in the maintenance and upkeep of Siddick Ponds.  They assist in making it the beautiful place it is and enhance the area for the enjoyment of the wider community. 

The ‘friends’ group is made up of local residents who work together to:

  • Ensure the area is better used by the local community

  • Develop strategies for improved maintenance, alongside the Nature Officers 

  • Identify resources for specific improvements

  • Apply for funding for various projects and activities

  • Help to make the reserve safer

  • Organise fun days, events, and activities 

  • Carry out practical tasks to improve/maintain the reserve

If you would be interesting in joining the group; contact details can be found on our 'get involved' page. Everyone is welcome. 

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