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Get Cumbria Buzzing!

The Nature Partnership are working with Cumbria Wildlife Trust on their 'Get Cumbria Buzzing Project.


The aim of the project is to help create havens for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

North West Cumbria is home to an amazing variety of wild pollinators including bumblebees, hoverflies, solitary bees, butterflies and moths. 

Pollinators may be tiny but their impact is huge. Fundamental to the web of life, pollinators help provide one third of the food we eat, pollinate more than 80% of our flowering plants and contribute around £690 million a year to the UK economy.

The Nature Partnership are working on a umber of areas throughout Workington and beyond to contribute to this worthwile project.  This has included creating a wildflower meadows at Bankfield Mansion Gardens and Siddick Ponds and planting spring bulbs in Jubilee Park at Harrington Nature Reserve.

Read more about the project on the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website.

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