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Maryport Coastal Park

Although the Nature Partnership focusses on Workington the majority of the time, Nature Ranger, Susan, often ventures to Maryport to carry out essential work on the coastal park. 

Maryport Coastal Park stretches north and south of this location as well as reaching the shoreline.

A legacy from the days of coal mining and ironworks, the area has been transformed into an area for visitors to enjoy for its coastal views and flora and fauna.


35 wildflower areas have been created along the cycleway path, through a process of scraping back the top layer of vegetation, and re-seeding with specific varieties.

Funding from the Get Cumbria Buzzing project has provided 30kg of wildflower seed, and in consultation with Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Butterfly Conservation, specific wildflower varieties have been selected to increase the food source plants for butterflies such as the locally common, but nationally rare, Small Blue butterfly.

These plants include kidney vetch, birds-foot trefoil, ox-eye daisy, field scabious, yellow rattle and yarrow.

Naturally occurring yarrow is supplemented to provide a partner plant for the Purple Broomrape to parasitize, for its ongoing survival.


The wildflower ‘scrapes’ are cared for by Workington Nature Partnership, local volunteers and Butterfly Conservation.

Working together, the scrapes are monitored for prevalent weeds, but more importantly, the special varieties of pollinator, wildflower and other species that live here.

Bumblebees will make use of empty mammal holes for their nests, whilst common lizards bask in the warmth of the scraped earth.

These rejuvenated areas create new habitats, which form the basis of micro communities and contribute to the food chains of larger mammals and birds of prey, such as owls and fox.


Look out for red admiral, tortoiseshell, small blue, and peacock butterflies as well as narrow bordered 5 spot burnet and silver y moth. Bumblebees and hoverflies add to the buzz, whilst a common lizard or weasel may be seen scurrying by.


Access is free all year round. 

Maryport south shore car park can be found near the Glasson industrial estate, off the A596.

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